Project Design

We provide advanced lighting, Audio, video equipments, and have strong stage design and production capabilities, DZ producetions can contract different types of concerts, sports events, commercial performances, exhibitions, press conferences, product launches, brand promotions, concert tours, opening ceremonies, advertising, media launches and other activities.
First Phase

Creative Meeting

The creative meeting is an initial brainstorming session with DZ Principals, Associates and key stakeholders from the clients’ team to generate the big ideas. We cooperate with the Client to conceive the ideas. Using deliverables such as illustrations, a written narrative and a preliminary layout for better interpretation and mutual understanding.

Second Phase

Schematic Design

During Schematic, the concept ideas are translated into preliminary drawings showing sizing and general specifications. Preliminary infrastructure requirements are defined consisting of facility layout plans for interiors and exteriors, initial technical show systems designs and elevations drawings.

Third Phase

Design Development

During Design Development the Schematic package is expanded upon to form the facility construction documents. Other work during this phase includes design of graphics/signage, characters & uniforms and material screening.

Forth Phase

Production, Design Build & Fabrication

During Fabrication, the DZ team work very closely with the vendors to ensure all items are delivered as originally designed and meet the creative intent.DZ will also inform and check the work with clients on a regular basis.

Fifth Phase

Installation & Programming

During this phase, DZ will work with the vendors to program, test and adjust each element in the show spaces to ensure the creative intent is met.

Sixth Phase

Opening Day

With the project now open, our team of designers and producers remain invested in the long term strategic planning and success of the project.